Specialist in multi-energy heating

Our offer revolves around global solutions for heating and domestic hot water production with a wide range of boilers for all types of energy at its core:

  • Wood
  • Pellets
  • Electric
  • Solar

It is divided into the following families of products:

  • radiators
  • stoves 
  • cookers
  • DHW cylinder
  • heat pump
  • inserts
  • ...

CALIDEAL offers you a global guidance from the recommendation of your system up to the after-sales service and commissioning through :

  • a sales force active on the entire national territory
  • a technical department that produces personalized estimates and installation plans for underfloor heating systems
  • a high-performance logistics offering you packaging and delivery adapted to your needs
  • a network of reseller partners who will be able to advise and guide you in your choice
  • a network of after-sales service providers guaranteeing efficient commissioning and assistance

We invite you to get to know CALIDEAL better by discovering our history:

1846 : Creation of the company DEVILLE in Charleville-Mézières (08), specialized in the fields of cast iron for building and heating.

1900-1930 : Refocusing of DEVILLE's activities on all-fuel domestic heating and cooking appliances.

1974 : Creation within the THERMADOR group of the LYDIS company, based in Saint-Quentin Fallavier (38) and specialized in the distribution of radiators and boilers.

1993 : LYDIS becomes independent from the THERMADOR group.

2003 : DEVILLE and LYDIS decide to combine their skills, industrial know-how for the former and logistical know-how for the latter, within a new entity based in the Lyon region: the company DEVILLE THERMIQUE.

2005: Development of the website

2006 : DEVILLE THERMIQUE markets the CEDRA ECO pellet boiler.

2014 : The entry of Deville into the Phoenix group at the beginning of April 2014 marks an important turning point in our history. Supported by private investors, the employees of Deville Thermique took off to become independent under the brand name CALIDEAL.

2019 : Cashin / Académie du Feu, manufacturer of stoves and cookers since 1978 acquires Calideal. We are among the pioneers in the world of wood heating with the first double combustion stoves in 1980, the outside air intake in 1988 and introduced the pellet stove in 1994.

2020: Calideal offers a "Plug & Play" solution for ecological heating by combining wood/pellets and solar energy combined with intelligent regulation.